Social care and support guide

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If you or someone you know needs help with day-today living because of illness or disability, this website explains your options and where you can get support.

Introduction to care and support

A quick guide for people who have care and support needs and their carers.

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Help from social services and charities

Includes helplines, needs assessments, advocacy and reporting abuse.

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Care services, equipment and care homes

Includes home adaptations, help at home from a paid carer, staying safe and housing.

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Money, work and benefits

How to pay for care and support, and where you can get help with costs.

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Care after a hospital stay

Includes hospital discharge and care and support afterwards.

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Support and benefits for carers

Includes carer's assessments, support from local councils, respite care and help fro young carers.

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Practical tips if you care for someone

Includes advice on challenging behaviour, moving and lifting people and medicines.

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Caring for children and young people

Services, support and tips if you care for someone under 21, and moving to adult social services.

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Making decisions for someone else

Includes powers of attorney and mental capacity.

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Your Practice Social Prescribing Service - Healthy Futures, The stepping stone to a healthier, happier you

What is Social Prescribing? Social prescribing helps you explore and access activities and services that are available locally to support you to improve your health and wellbeing.

Who is Healthy Futures for?

  • Anyone aged over 18
  • Anyone who would like some non-medical support to improve their physical and/or mental health and wellbeing
  • Anyone who is able to engage with a link worker and make decisions about next steps they would like to take
  • Healthy Futures can work with people to improve their mental wellbeing, but is not suitable for people in mental health crisis or with an unmet clinical need.


How does it work?

You can be referred to the Link Worker working at your GP practice by any member of the practice team, or you can self-refer by getting in touch. A member of our team will contact you to discuss your referral and arrange an appointment.


The support we offer?

At your first appointment, we will discuss what matters to you and co-create a plan to support you to reach your goals. Your Link Worker will listen to you and share their knowledge and

connections to local services and organisations that can offer specialist support, including:

  • Benefits support and debt advice
  • Arts and creative activities
  • Healthy lifestyles and health promotion e.g. stopping smoking, physical activity and healthy eating
  • Education, training and learning
  • Befriending
  • Counselling and talking therapies
  • Support groups and networks
  • Social and peer activities
  • Employment and volunteering
  • Housing support

Getting back on track

Josh was struggling to find employment and was referred to Healthy Futures when he attended his GP with symptoms of anxiety because he was struggling to pay his rent. The Link Worker connected him to a local benefits advisor and supported him to liaise with his landlord about managing his arrears. Once his finances were more settled and he was less stressed, he was able to explore employment and attended a community job club which helped build his confidence and skills.


You can self-refer by contacting our friendly team on:


Tel: 01752 203673

Please see our website –

 Employability support for veterans with health conditions

Employment support is now available to the Patients of Waterside Health Network PCN, provided by an employability consultant from The Poppy Factory.

If you are unemployed, have served in the armed forces for one day or more, and have a physical or mental health condition, you can register for this support. 

The Poppy Factory’s mission is to support veterans with health conditions on their journey into employment and to continue supporting them whatever challenges they may face. The service is veteran-centred and helps people of all ages, including many over 50. The men and women they support move into a diverse range of jobs across dozens of different sectors, from logistics and construction to the charity sector and health care.

The Poppy Factory has been supporting wounded, injured and sick veterans for nearly 100 years and continue to stand by them on their journey into employment and beyond.


To self-refer for employment support from The Poppy Factory, please visit